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Studio Suite

* The Studio features the very latest in music and sound recording technology featuring professionally equipped Digidesign Pro Tools 10 multi-track digital audio/midi recording software, Soundcraft spirit 24 channel mixing desk, Lexicon reverbs, Focusrite compressors, BFD 2 Drum Software, Reason 6 and Adobe Audition software. We also have many sound modules, virtual instrument plug-ins and studio effects

* Talented Session Musicians available including Vocalists, Guitarists, Drummers, Bass and Piano players.

* The studio is equipped with top quality instruments including brands such as Gibson, Fender, Korg and Mesa Boogie.

Audio Recording/Editing/Mastering

Re-mixing, audio clean-up, compilation c.d's, backing tracks made for website, recording, editing & mastering available.

Demo Recording

* If you want to record your own song or if you want to sing along to a backing track.

* Promo Pack - With all of the above facilities at your fingertips your promotional pack can be designed from start to finish with the added services of our graphic designer.


* Professional recordings for voiceover artists, available with or without background music.

DVD Mastering

*VHS to DVD Converting - Transfer your old VHS videotapes to DVD for lasting enjoyment. VHS Tapes start to deteriorate after approx 15 years, DVD lasts forever!

Jingle Writing

* Jingles can by written by commission.

CD Duplication

We can provide multiple copies of your studio produced CD.

****Gift Vouchers available for Studio sessions****

Typical Studio Rate including Sound Engineer/ Production at £25 per hour


MDMS  |  T.F. 01785 248 841  |  E. mdale@matdalemusicservices.co.uk